A new perception in Kartalkaya and Uludağ

Ali Ünal and Erkan Ünal brothers have combined quality, entertainment and elegance with the sea concept at Moon Beach in Bodrum Gündoğan and they have been hosting a new perception since December 2012 in Drop Lounge Kartalkaya & since December 2014 in Drop Lounge Uludağ.

A world opening up to flavor, night and entertainment

Drop Lounge indulges the guests by giving them more than they expect and changes the understanding of mountain activity from just being the ski and the hotel; to an entertainment of café, restaurant and night club and much more; also keeps the quality of service at the highest level for its guests.

The new meeting point of Kartalkaya, the flavor stop in the middle of the endless white snow.

A very innumerable and various wine menus welcome you when you enter the Drop Lounge world. A glass fire place located in the middle warms you up and the flaming wood puts on a visual show.

Drop Lounge is inviting its guests to a journey of flavor with its rich menus.

Drop Lounge invites its guests to a journey of flavor with the lunch menu prolonged with rich village breakfast, Anatolian tastes and local flavors and the exceptional dinner menu containing unique dishes from the world cuisine.

Drop Lounge breaks the silence of the night.

Drop Lounge hosts ski-lovers in the finest manners by cozy fire place and flavors regardless of the cold during the day and offers unlimited entertainment after the sunset.

The “must have” of the winter; mulled wine, hot chocolate and sahlep are served all day long.

You may prefer to enjoy these delicious tastes either at the cozy fire place or at the elegant wooden style dining tables or at the forest theme tables in our garden.


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Phone         +90 374 234 51 41
E-mail        drop@droplounge.com.tr
Adress            Dorukkaya Hotel Kat 1
                      (2. Gelişim Bölgesi) Uludağ / Bursa
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Phone         +90 224 285 20 62 & +90 224 285 20 63
E-mail         drop@droplounge.com.tr
Adress            Mandra Bölgesi/ Uludağ / Bursa
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  • droplounge @ twitter
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